Young Reporters decided to organize a Garbage Day for younger pupils with a goal to increasing their knowledge and providing an interesting experience.

The day started at the school club by gathering of all 3rd grade pupils. A presentation about waste given by Young Reporters was followed by a discussion about waste separation at home and some common mistakes were pointed out.

Next came a surprise: pupils dressed up as walking garbage boxes – one each of blue, red, green, and yellow. Each “box” introduced itself and what it “eats“. Then a mixture of waste was emptied on the ground and young pupils were asked to sort them out into corresponding boxes.

The day continued with creative workshops and activities e.g. a “garbage path” to experience various kinds of waste barefoot, recognition of types of waste with a blindfold and finally a search for a treasure guarded by a waste mummy.  

Older pupils built-up compost bins from old wooden pallets to produce compost at the school garden.  

At the end of the day, each classroom received a new bin for collection of organic waste.

Article written by Young Reporters: