Young Reporters from Zakladna skola Ing. O. Kozucha decided to take another step in order to reduce amount of waste at their school. They identified organic waste as the biggest problem (paper waste, milk cartons, plastics, glass, aluminium cans, electric waste, and batteries have already been collected for recycling).

The pupils first addressed the canteen manager and found out that peels from fruits and vegetables are dumped as communal waste, though there is a compost pile in the school garden. They suggested to change the habit.

To find out if their classmates would be willing to collect remains of fruit to extra bins, they prepared a short questionnaire, and disseminated it to more than 180 pupils.

Based on good results, new waste bins have been bought and installed in three places: next to the entrance to school canteen, at the changing room for pupils and in front of the school. Above the bins, a poster with instructions has been placed.

Furthermore, the pupils negotiated the interval of emptying the bins with the headmaster, and have taken responsibility for this job.

The pupils believe, that thanks to implementation of organic-waste collection, there will be enough compost for planting more medicinal herbs.

Article written by Young Reporters: