The National Winners' Workshop

The national winners’ workshop was held on April the 26th at the Gredos San Diego school in Buitrago de Lozoya, a small town located in the Madrid Mountain Range. A total of 134 Eco-School students and Young Reporters participated, among which were the 12 winners in each of the YRE-LLC categories. The workshop began at 11.00 with a didactic hike through the lake and pine forest of Buitrago de Lozoya.

The first activity was the realization of a photographic marathon with the slogan Litter Less Campaign. During the trail the students took photographs of the waste found in the field and were collecting it to deposit it in the containers at the entrance of the park. The monitors carried out a series of environmental education activities and talked on the environmental and patrimonial values of the surrounding environment.

Later, a professional photographer, Pablo Rodriguez (BeOnStudio & Agencia EFE), gave a talk about photojournalism. He explained his own experience as a reporter in various international conflicts and in the making of nature documentaries. He also gave them a brief introduction to how a news agency works and gave a whole series of basic concepts and tips for the realization of photography and video. The workshop was very successful and the students asked him many questions. After the talk, the awards ceremony was held for each group of winning students in each of the categories. The audience could see each of the videos, photos and winning articles and their authors explained their motivations and why they had chosen those topics. The act concluded with the gift, by ADEAC, of the prizes for each of the winning groups.

Spain YRE2.JPG