Baulkham Hills Community Action Day (renamed Recycling Action Day) in Australia

The Recycling Action Day was focused on tackling the issue of recycling and fostering environmental awareness within today’s youth. The event complemented a report released by a group of students for the YRE competition, where they investigated the issue of excessive littering and its correlation with inadequate recycling. The BHHS Green Group then proposed solutions to overcome this issue, focusing on increasing communication to students while also proposing the implementation of a newer, more sophisticated recycling system.  The school believes that these goals can be achieved with greater effectiveness with the Local Council (The Hills Shire Council) and State Governmental support and that through collaboration, we can develop a mindset with sustainability at the forefront of the youth’s goals.

As part of the Recycling Action Day's programme, Baulkham Hills High School made a presentation composed by our students as a part of a seminar from 1:00-2:00 pm, which informed students and community members about the issue and how they plan to overcome it. Students outlined their findings from the research they conducted as part of the YRE competition and the beneficial reverberations of support from organisations such the Hills Shire Council and the NSW Government.  At the Recycling Action Day, students talked about how discourse can prevail towards improving local sustainability for an increasingly environmentally friendly community.