YRE students initiated waste segregation in the school in Raduti and influenced the local municipality to take action. Starting this year, the City Hall of Radauti managed to access a program that consists of collecting selective waste in personalised trash bags from every house. Also, the city hall started an awareness and education campaign for the citizens regarding recycling, selective collection of waste and storing dried and wet waste. Students are hoping that other environmental problems that were raised by them will have an echo to the local authorities, but also to the citizens as well as to our local community. Slowly, but surely, their efforts for a cleaner environment are taking form. It is very well shown that the prizes from the five Litter Less Campaigns are justified through strong dissemination in the local community and we are empowering the local authorities and citizens from the community.

Coordinators: Prof. Liviu Gheorghe Hatnean from the National College “Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” and Cornelia Hatnean from the “Bogdan Voda” Gymnasium School”, Rădăuți/ Romania