On the 22nd of October two significant events took place in the Secondary school №16 of Temirtau: the start of the Litter Less Campaign and the annual school conference.
At the opening of a new phase of the campaign the students talked about recearch which was already completed or has been planned. For example, Gummetali Mammadov and Tanya Shcherbakova, 6th grade students, collected garbage for about a week and created the garbage monster. They counted what kind of garbage is "most popular" in the school, where it comes from and what we need to do to have less litter. How to beat the "garbage monster" in school has become a key issue for all participants!
But the event wasn't limited only to presentations of research: the guests and the participants were divided into groups and received an assignment - to draw up an action plan for the Litter Less campaign.
Everyone was active: the older students and the newcomers from 5th grade, who generated a large number of useful ideas. The students are ready to implement these new ideas in their lives. 
Special guests of the event were students from boarding school №2 for children with special needs, who also participate in the campaign.  They spoke about their work in the campaign, such as training for kindergartens and using waste materials in art.