Participation Requirements

The YRE International Competition is for winners of the YRE National Competition in countries running the YRE programme.  Students who are participating in the YRE programme in each country have a right to participate in the competition. Students have to compete and be selected as the 1st place national winner before being sent onwards to the International Competition.

The competition is open to individuals or groups of students through their school, college, university or youth group. Students may submit more than one type of submission to different media categories.

Age categories

There are three age categories in the International Competition 11-14, 15-18 and 19-~25 (university level means approx. 25 years old). It is the participant's age on the day they submit their entry to the National Competition that must be given and defines which age category they enter. Those submitting a group project must submit in the age category of the oldest member of their team.

Photo entries are submitted within the one age category 11-25, but in three type categories; single photo reportage, single photo campaign, and photo reportage of 3-5 photos.

Please note that the age categories might differ in your country. You can check the requirements by contacting your National Operator.

Declaration of consent for processing of personal information and use of video/photo/article submitted

When signing up to this competition, you agree that we can process your personal data provided in this submission form and given to us during the competition. We process the data so that we can register your participation, judge the submission and save what you have submitted and publish your submission if you are chosen as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winner on international level. Necessary permission, e.g., for photographing children faces are the responsibility of the author and must, therefore, be sought. All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be saved in our archives and used by FEE network to promote the winners and the programme..

You always have the option to withdraw your consent and your submission to the competition.

The Data Controller is:
Foundation for Environmental Education
Scandiagade 13, 2450 Copenhagen SV, DENMARK
+45 70 22 24 27