Promoting sustainable development, voicing my opinion and doing my share in creating a better future alongside like-minded people – this is something I want to continue in the future.
— Emily Grabo, YRE Alumni

YRE Alumni - Inspiring youth leaders

Our YRE Alumni are a group of inspiring individuals who have showed a particular interest and engagement in the YRE programme. Some have represented YRE at international conferences, some are assisting their YRE National Operators, some have won a first place prize in the International YRE Competition. Common to all of them is that they are local youth leaders who are raising their voices concerning environmental issues.

UNESCO Youth Forum / YRE mission 2018

In March 2018, we gathered 42 YRE alumni from 24 countries around the world to participate in a three-day workshop focused on Education for Sustainable Development. The event was a joint initiative between UNESCO and Foundation for Environmental Education.

List of YRE Alumni