YRE Global Action Day in Montenegro

The Young Reporters for the Environment Competition in Montenegro culminated in an award ceremony for the best participants.

The competition is organised by EKOM, a member of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), for the ninth consecutive year in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The theme of this year's campaign was ‘Trees for the Planet’, which was also the slogan of this year's Earth Day. 

A YRE Global Action Day was held on 22 April 2016 in Podgorica, along with the award ceremony. The awards were given to the winners by Daliborka Pejović, State Secretary of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, and a special recognition in the category of ‘Trees for the Planet’ was presented by Nina Lješević, representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Ministry also provided seedlings for the best students and schools.

Moreover, the guests were greeted by Saša Karajović, CEO of EKOM, and Vasilije Bušković on behalf of the National Jury.  

Over 400 students from 21 secondary and 40 primary schools sent around 550 submissions for this year's competition. 76 professors worked as mentors to help with the preparation of submissions.


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