YRE activities in Greece

YRE Students from the High School of Doukas in Athens, took interviews from the NOs who participated in the LEAF NOM that held on April 2018 in Greece. The interviews had to do mostly with forests and their impact on climate change, how we can educate students to respect forests, how to increase green areas in cities and many other interested issues.

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Greece LEAFNOM2018-a.jpeg

Students from the 13th Primary School of Serres made a campaign video about forests and climate change. The film was made during the UNESCO project on climate change. During a three-day workshop in nature, they made the film” Paperland”, which shows that we do not need to take extreme measures to save the planet. Any small and individual act that we adopt in our everyday life can make a difference. This video was awarded with the 1st prize in the “video category, 11-14 years old” at the YRE International Competition 2018.

Students from High School of Gavrion participated in a collective campaign action on the North beach of Ateni in Andros island, which hosts whatever sea currents bring. The result of the action was a ton of inappropriate materials to be collected, which, after being turned into an art masterpiece, a giant Octopus, they were appropriately disposed off. The campaign was organized and coordinated by two NGO associations “My Blue Ocean” and “Andros Routes”. The harmoniously effective cooperation among volunteers moved as a strong punch that fought the enemy, the enemy being not the rubbish but the mentality concerning it. A communal picnic wrapped the day up in glorious smiles!

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