YRE Slovakia awarded in the competition "Golden Ant”

Center of Environmental Activities (CEA) was awarded for the YRE programme and students´ involvement in reducing waste at the annual waste management competition.

An Honorable Mention for the programme was received by two experienced Young Reporters; Adriana Henčeková and Matej Majerský.

The award ceremony was held on November 21st in Bratislava. The competition Zlatý Mravec (Golden Ant) awards individuals and companies that have achieved significant successes or have come up with extraordinary solutions, achievements, benefits in the waste management of the Slovak Republic.

YRE Slovakia was awarded in the category School Projects:

It is written in the report from the event that "the Young Environmental Reporters project is successfully implemented in the school life of many Slovak primary and secondary schools” and that “it combines environmental and media education objectives in schools, and at the same time its participants and their numerous audiences teach the community to look critically around themselves, to identify local environmental issues, to inform them and to propose possible solutions.”

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