UNESCO 2019 Forum & GAP Partner Network Meeting in Vietnam

Daniel Schaffer (CEO of Foundation for Environmental Education) and Vinh Le (YRE Alumnus from Canada) are travelling to Hanoi, Vietnam where they will be participating in two important events:

2-3 July: UNESCO 2019 Forum on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

This year’s theme is ”Learning and Teaching for Peaceful and Sustainable Societies: From early childhood to primary and secondary education”. The forum is organised by UNESCO in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training of Viet Nam and the Viet Nam National Commission for UNESCO.

4-5 July: 2019 GAP Partner Network meeting

UNESCO is convening the 2019 GAP Key Partner Network meeting in order to identify lessons learned from five years of GAP implementation. The meeting will also serve to take stock of where Key Partners stand on their current implementation activities and to share information with and among GAP Key Partners.


Meet Vinh Le - a YRE Alumni Ambassador

Vinh Le is a YRE Alumni Ambassador as it has been an important catalyst that inspires his passion for sustainable methodologies that shape his vision for an environmentally-friendly world. Vinh has contributed by creating video tutorials for YRE’s Next Green Journalist, a guide for Green Journalists to strengthen their skills and submission. Today, there are thousands of young reporters for the environment. 

As an Ambassador, Vinh has a passion for photography. Inspired by the YRE programme, he launched his own photo travel exhibition called "Sustain(able)" which illustrates climate change across the world. He studied Environmental Design and now has a passion for creating spaces that is functional and sustainable. Vinh started his interior design studio creating healthy and sustainable interiors. He has given new life to ‘York Hill Park’ in Thornhill by re-using an existing structure and transforming it into a large public installation.

Vinh contributes to his municipality as member on the Senior Task Force to bring new methodologies to make the community age-friendly.  Vinh hosted a pilot project called “MakeEco Toronto” which gathered dozens of youth to network and learn about the SDGs. MakeEco was successful and will be happening in Summer 2019 to explore the SDG #11&12.


Vinh is attending as youth representative of UNESCO Europe and North America + FEE/YRE at the ‘EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP’ Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. His contribution to the conference is to bring unique creative thinking and solutions to other fellow youth leaders and gain skill sets to successfully host more sustainable events to further implement the SDG goals back in North America & Europe.