Special 1-Minute Video Competition - List of Nominees


To celebrate YRE’s 25th Anniversary, a special 1-Minute Video Competition was launched. YRE Students and Alumni from around the world have submitted videos that aim to reflect the essence of the programme. A total of 25 videos have been selected and will be shared on the YRE Facebook page throughout 2019 and three winning videos will be found by the end of the year.

Publishing the nominated videos on Facebook

The 25 videos will be published on the YRE Facebook page in random order. The first video will be uploaded on the 23rd of January 2019 at 15:00 CEST. After exactly 12 days, the number of likes will be noted and another video will be uploaded and so on, until all 25 videos have been published.

Finding the three winning videos

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be found in the following way:

The video that receives the most likes on Facebook will receive 12 points, the second-most liked will receive 11 points and so on. Only likes on the original post uploaded by YRE International will be counted so remember to visit the YRE Facebook page. You are highly encouraged to vote for videos that have not been made in your own country.

Once all the videos have been published, the YRE National Operators will be given the opportunity to vote. They are free to give 1-12 points to any of the 25 videos - except videos from their own country.

In the end, the 3 videos with most points will receive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards.

Many congratulations to all of the nominees! We look forward to sharing your videos throughout 2019!

25 YRE square collage.PNG

The 25 nominees listed by country:
(The videos will be published on Facebook in random order)

  1. Canada: What is YRE to me?

  2. China: Guardian Little Messenger

  3. China: Silver Chain League

  4. China: Green Lighting

  5. China: Blue Sky and Blue Water! Protection starts at school!

  6. China: YRE-Be Active Actors of Beautiful China

  7. Greece: 25 Years of History

  8. Israel: What do you do with your electronic-waste?

  9. Israel: We care

  10. Israel: Work it out

  11. Italy: The environment game in my neighbourhood

  12. Malta: YRE Malta

  13. Montenegro: From contest to volontere

  14. Montenegro: We can all together

  15. Portugal: My experience as a YRE

  16. Portugal: 25 Videos for 25 years of YRE

  17. Portugal: YRE - “opening new opportunities for my life”

  18. Portugal: You…Listen!

  19. Portugal: YRE: A Mission for Life

  20. Slovakia: YRE Slovakia: We're going further!

  21. Slovakia: Blowing in the Wind

  22. Slovakia: Reducing Waste - Pass it Forward

  23. Slovakia: Slovakia Mladi reporteri

  24. Turkey: Right Waste, Right Place

  25. Turkey: Makroproblem, Mikroplastic