YRE exposure at the COP 22

This year's Climate Change Conference (COP22) took place in Marrakech, Morocco from 7-18 November 2016.

YRE had a successful presentation at the COP 22, thanks to the great initiative shown by our Moroccan FEE/YRE member organisation, the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental protection.  

One of the highlights was that two YRE students presented "the Voice of Youth", a recommendation of actions towards combatting Climate Change, in front of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, Patricia Espinosa, UNFCCC secretary Executive, Irina Bokova UNESCO General Director, and the minister of education of Morocco. 

Mariame Mouhoub, YRE Student from Marrakech also presented a statement on the youth future in front of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI and Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, which was another key moment for the programme. 


Hands on work by Young Reporters

Left: Filipa Murta / Right: Joana Pedro

Left: Filipa Murta / Right: Joana Pedro

At the COP 22, we had two Young Reporters from Portugal, Joana Pedro and Filipa Murta, covering the sessions and events. They have produced articles and videos on the COP 22 and they are posted on the YRE Exposure page. 

"Accepting the challenge of going to Marrakesh in Morocco and having the mission to go to COP 22 to prepare journalistic material was undoubtedly very gratifying and enriching. It was very interesting to notice the multicultural presence at the COP 22, there were people from all over the world and mobilized by the same hope for the sustainability, a better world in which we can live. Observing the courage and hope of the representatives changed my perspective. I left Morocco with other horizons and new visions about the world. For me the most interesting and powerful moment was the workshop that we had together with Young Reporters from Morocco and also from Africa. In addition to environmental knowledge, I learned how a country can be so different from ours. An experience to repeat ..."

Filipa Murta


"Being at the COP22 as an YRE was an absolutely amazing and memorable experience. Despite being a little lost at first, we started exploring the COP venue and Marrakech itself and we felt at home almost instantly. In a few days I was able to encounter several people from different countries, also interested in climate issues, and understand how a conference of this magnitude works.  Concluding, the opportunity of being involved in the COP made me outgrow and surpass myself, forcing me to practice new skills and adapt to the odd environment around me. Being at the COP is all an YRE can ask for."

Joana Pedro