YRE Global Action Days

YRE is announcing a new initiative for students – the Global Action Days. It is a call for all students and teachers around the world to be active and share their actions on being more sustainable in our modern world. Become inspired and be part of the change this world needs!

All students and teachers around the world can join in this event. As huge energy consumers, producers of waste, and consumers of resources, schools can make a difference.  Show everyone your ideas about how to protect and preserve the environment. All actions count!!

9 – 15 November 2015

18 – 24 April 2016


As you are a young journalist involved in environmental activities at a local level through articles, videos, pictures etc., present your actions, together with the students from your class and school to the wider community. Get them interested in the topic that is important from your point of view – inform them.  Be creative! You can organise a local photo exhibition, you can lead a local environmental manifestation, a public presentation, a clean-up of an area, or a host of other actions. Use the theme of your article, video or picture as a motive for the action. Make a difference in your community!

So plan your action, register, and share it on our Global Action Days Facebook page.