Let's get started!

If your school is participating in the Litter Less Campaign, there is a procedure to follow. The whole procedure will be managed by the National Operator in countries running the campaign (Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Spain and Wales). You can find the contact details of the National Operator for your country using the link below. 

1. Registration

The first step is to register for the Campaign. Registration is done through your National Operator. 

2. Implementation of the YRE programme

Once your school is registered, you are asked to create a plan for a media campaign which will highlight the issue of litter and waste through different media channels. Students will follow the YRE methodology to create their journalistic reports. To learn more about the YRE methodology, please go to the page Our Methodology.  

3. Submit your entry to the YRE National Competition

You will submit your media piece, created during the Campaign, to the YRE National Competition organised in your country. If your entry wins the National Competition, it will be submitted to the YRE International Competition in May.