Participation Requirements

The YRE International Competition is for winners of the YRE National Competition in countries running the YRE programme.  Students who are participating in the YRE programme in each country have a right to participate in the competition. Students have to compete and be selected as a national winner before being sent onwards to the International Competition.

Age categories

There are three age categories in the International Competition 11-14, 15-18 and 19-25. It is the participant's age on the day they submit their entry to the National Competition that must be given and defines which age category they enter. Those submitting a group project must submit in the age category of the oldest member of their team. Some YRE countries don't have specific age categories, so please contact your National Operator to check the requirements.

Individual students, group of students, and schools

The competition is open to individuals or groups of students through their school, college, university or youth group. Students may submit more than one type of submission to different media categories.

Registering gives FEE the right to promote and use submissions accrediting the author. Necessary permission, e.g., for photographing children are the responsibility of the author and must, therefore, be sought.

Please note that; 

  • Countries that cannot run their jury prior to that may submit students' work to the following year’s International Competition

  • Submissions can only be entered once and in one age category
  • Late submissions to the International Competition will not be accepted
  • It is recommended that the process of the article preparation follows the YRE methodology: investigating, proposing a solution, reporting and disseminating.