Litter Less Campaign: I don´t belong here

YRE Competition 2017
Litter Less Campaign
First place winner
Category: 11-14 years old

I’ve been surfing for two years and the feeling is incredible! The control of the waves, the contact with nature in its purest and wildest state. Besides surfing I like to photograph nature . I worry about the remains of fishing nets as well as the uncontrolled capture of octopuses and mussels.

At school, in one of the awareness sessions of Eco-Schools, we were told about the problem of marine litter. It made me wonder if my beach would be at risk, and I decided to explore.

These photographs were taken on the beach where I usually go surfing and although they are real garbage sculptures, most of all they are rubbish on a beach. Later I returned to the beach and the sculptures disappeared…to the sea…

The sea is mine, is yours, it belongs to EVERYONE! The conservation must be our priority, OUR WAVE!

Author: Francisco Gomes (Portugal)