Open to passionate youths around the world!!

Promoting sustainable development, voicing my opinion and doing my share in creating a better future alongside like-minded people – this is something I want to continue in the future.
— Emily Grabo, YRE student participated in UNESCO Conference in Nagoya, Japan

The competition is open to those aged 11-21 whether participating alone or through their school, college, university or youth group. The YRE programme has to be run by FEE's national member organisation, as does the National Competition. All the entries to the International Competition need to be evaluated by a National Jury and submitted by National Operators in each YRE member country.
Individual students or groups of students can participate in the YRE programme, but always with the YRE National Operator's permission and according to the YRE competition rules, which can be different for specific campaigns run by YRE International.

According to needs from sponsors, YRE International will encourage National Operators to focus on school-based activities.


Young Reporters at International Conferences

YRE gives youths participating in the programme various opportunities to participate in the international conferences related to environmental issues. So far, YRE has sent Young Reporters to the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Japan and the World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) in Sweden. YRE will seek for more opportunities for passionate youths around the world to express themselves at international stages. 

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UNESCO World Conference on ESD 2014