Like a fish out of water



Pljevlja, my hometown, has been polluted for more than three decades. The power plant, the open coal mine and the other sources of pollution, such as traffic or households, radiate a great amount of different pollutants. All these pollutants come into the atmosphere and badly affect the air quality. So far, nothing has changed and the air is still being polluted.

Residents live in dense fog, surrounded by suspended particles of PM, SO2, NO, CO, CO2, etc., left without oxygen, crying out for clean air. They can hardly breathe. This has a negative impact on the health. The children are the most vulnerable. An increase of respiratory diseases, cancer and others is evident.

Let’s join forces to solve the problem of pollution in Pljevlja, put the filters, reduce the use of coal, the number of cars! Let’s think about the youngest and allow them to breathe to the fullest!


Nikolina Golubović (Secondary school “Spasoje Raspopović“, Podgorica, Montenegro)