Is there a difference between life and life?


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Locked in a cage, in a room with many like me. Still alone, still scared. Always on my guard, stressed. I don’t belong here. I want to be free. My babies are taken from me. I know that they will die, slowly and painfully. Just like I will. I’m a guinea pig. This is my reality.

Both makeup and cigarettes have been tested before. It’s gotten better. Now almost only medicines are tested. But more must be done.

There are alternatives to animal testing. Nothing that can completely replace the experiments yet, but alternatives that can reduce stress and the number of animals. BUT we live in 2016 and to continue animal testing is not sustainable. There is so much research and technology that it should be possible to replace the experiments completely. Swetox laboratory (in Sodertalje) is at the forefront and doing research in order for this happen in the future.

We are guests in the animal world. Why is our life more important than theirs?

By Joakim Lindqvist, Elin Eriksson, Michelle Sjögren, Julia Berg (17-19 years old), Nyköping Strand Educational Center, Sweden