Waste wars

France 11-14 years old

The starting point of our photo reportage about food waste is a class trip in the forest with a picnic organized to produce a minimum of waste. It made it really obvious for us that there were solutions to reduce food waste. What about our cafeteria? How does it work there? On Monday January 25 2016, our class organized a No-Food Waste Attitude Day at the cafeteria. 

“Eating is good! Wasting sucks!”, that‘s what some of our classmates reminded students eating at the cafeteria. Others explained how to sort leftovers on their trays so that we could put them in our composter. Our group chose to question and perform an autopsy on our cafeteria trashcans. Today, food waste and garbage in general is a big problem for the future of our planet. Let’s fight food waste! Garbage under attack! Episode 1 : The Legos strike back