Portugal 19-21 years old

The S. Pedro de Moel creek, in Pinhal do Rei, Leiria is a unique place with high interest for biodiversity, an ex-libris of our municipality where nature, overlooking the sea, is present in the wild, remarkably green and luxuriant.

This river has unique characteristics in our country, since it is a very interesting place for various species of fauna and flora. It crosses the national forest of Leiria and in this ecosystem it can be found protected species like the European otter and the ruivaco an endemic portuguese fish to which the otter feeds from. Regarding the fauna it can be found the Black Alder, the black poplar, the willow and the Alder Blackthorn. Parallel to other areas of the Pinhal do Rei Forest, the Australian Blackwood, the Silver Wattle and the Black Locust have spread widely, contributing to the degradation of this ecosystem.

Sara Soeima