17 SDGs through the YRE Competition

YRE is aiming to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the YRE International Competition in the near future. Therefore, in every country SDGs will be introduced though the National Competition.


Competition Categories

The YRE International Competition consists of three different categories. 

International Competition – open to all countries and all themes, except for the litter theme for countries participating in the Litter Less Campaign. Countries that are not participating in the Campaign, can still submit entries related to the litter problem.

Litter Less Campaign – theme litter, open to countries that are involved in the Litter Less Campaign: Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Israel, Wales, Spain, Northern Ireland, Malta and Ireland.

* Please note that the submissions under the theme of Litter from Litter Less Campaign countries will be evaluated separately, and the winners will receive recognition with a certificate.

International Collaboration – open to all countries with three recommended themes from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: 11-Sustainable Cities, 12-Responsible Consumption & Production, 13-Climate Action. The submission must be in the form of a written Article and be a collaborative work between two countries.  It is open to the age category 15-18 years.

Investigate environmental issues around you and express your thoughts and ideas for our sustainable future!

Media categories

The International Competition has three media categories; Article, Photograph, and Video. Participants can choose one media category. The media category may differ in each country, so please contact your National Operator to check which categories are open in your country before preparing your submission.